Windward East Condominium

3060 North Atlantic Ave. #1000
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

            Annual meeting Feb 3rd., 2015

1.President Ray Harris called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

2. There were 4 members of the Board in attendance: Ray Harris, Sue Schafer, Jack Sich and Bill Kutash. Gary Larson was traveling for business and unable to attend.

3. Reading of the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting. Secretary Gary Larson is absent; therefore, Ray Harris read the minutes. MOTION: Jack Sich made a motion to approve the minutes as read. Bill Kutash seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously by a vote of 4-0. Next, approval of the minutes of the 2015 Budget approval meeting held December 4, 2014. MOTION: Bill Kutash made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Sue Shafer seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously by a vote of 4- 0.

4. Ray requested the Treasurer’s Report from Treasurer Jack Sich: Jack stated the following account balances as of 12/31/2014: Reserve accounts $423,424.52 Checking account $ 8,072.90 Insurance Money Mkt. $135,474.98 Operating Money Mkt. $ 13,957.58 Rental Deposit $ 1,280.76

The total interest accrued for the year is $ 1,836.76 George Leonard, our accountant, has all of the statements and financial information needed to complete the review for 2014. We expect to get all of the information to owners sometime later this month {or in March}. Ray asked if there were any questions regarding the financial report.

Jeanne Weaver, Unit 410 asked how they would receive the financial information, by email or letter. Jack stated by email, but there will be hard copies available in the office.

EmmaLee Crannell, Unit 508/612 asked how much the budget was increased from 2014 – 2015. Jack stated it was increased by approximately $5,000.

5. Old Business: We had a letter from Mr. Hoover regarding the garage electric. He has made some changes; the board agreed to keep the amount he pays at $40.00/month. They will have Barbara send him a letter.

6. New Business: Concerns regarding clean-outs of drains. There was extensive discussion about the use of garbage disposals, the amount of money the association has had to pay to plumbers to clear the drains, eliminating garbage disposals completely, and running cameras through the pipes to see what is causing the drainage problems. All in attendance agreed owners should be careful what is placed in disposals and all should notify tenants/guests to do the same and also to be sure to run the water for a minimum of 2 minutes when using the disposal. This is and has been a chronic problem and will be discussed further at up-coming meetings.

7. Ray opened the floor for discussion: Ray also mentioned that we have quite a few owners who are renting without the required documents; registration with the City of Cocoa Beach and the County for renting. Other condos (he cited 2100) have been “checked on” and found that 70 of their owners were in violation by renting without getting the proper documents to rent.

Linda Fraise – Unit 105 stated she was surprised that people lie about staying here. She suggested having renters read and initial the rules & regulations.

Bill Magill – Unit 510 stated that people should not dump and sweep everything off of the balcony! Also, beating carpets on the balcony and power washing on upper level floors should not be allowed without notification. Ray stated it should be reported to the office and the association should fine people who are in violation. Also, he heard at one of the president’s forums that some condos schedule it for a specific day when everyone can do it – that way everybody knows when it is being done.

EmmaLee Crannell - Unit 508/612 said that people get mold and mildew and they want to get rid of it. Donn Weaver – Unit 410 stated they used to receive a hand-out of owners info. that was good if they needed to contact other owners. Ray said it is on the web site. Nick said the web site has been updated. Jack stated he could go to the office and get a copy. Jeanne Weaver stated they use the web site so they will look.

Marilyn Mileski - Unit TH 3030B stated she wanted to “make it very clear” that we do not have “just a little water” by her unit. It is a lot of water. The pump does not pump the water out fast enough if we have a hard or long rain.

Jeanne Weaver – Unit 410 requested that the curbs be painted a color that is not the same as the building. They have a visually impaired granddaughter and she fell down. She could have been seriously hurt. There are many elderly people here also and many people cannot see the curb, especially at night. Jack stated we would check with the fire marshal and see what they recommend.

Bill Kutash – Unit 402 stated he will be planting sea oats on the dunes and if anyone wants to join him, they are welcome. (2:30 this Saturday) Building the dunes protects our property. George Kempton - Unit 111 stated we could pop the breaker for the garbage disposals. This is not an option as it is not just one item controlled by one breaker.

 Garry Fraise – Unit 105 stated the walkway to the beach is getting bad. Brian has replaced a lot. Windrush has put a plastic coating on theirs. Jack responded that part of the plan is to replace the rest of the boards and put an epoxy coating on it.

Donna Pandolf – Unit TH 3010B stated please run water for 2 minutes when using the garbage disposal. Jack stated yes, print sticky notes and put them above the disposal switch.

Kerry Diliberto – Unit 208 asked about the utility poles outside on the side of the property – the palm trees hit the poles when it is windy and sparks fly everywhere. Can something be done about this?


Steve Russo – Unit 408 asked if buried utility lines had been considered. Jack responded that we can look into it. The problem is the transformer goes right to the condo. Jack thinks it is up to FPL. Steve thinks it is up to the city, the condo and FPL. Bill Kutash said they will do it if somebody pays for it. Ray said we will look into it.

Ray presented the Board for 2015: Jack Sich, Sue Schafer, Bill Kutash, James Chamness, and Nick Pandolf. There was no need for an election this year because 5 people volunteered to serve. Ray asked if there were any more questions.

Linda Fraise – Unit 105 asked about the big boardwalk the city was contemplating. Ray answered it is a dead issue. There is no good plan, problems with constructing, talk about taking land from the condos and the hotels. The condos were all against it; Ray believes it is a dead issue.

Steve Russo – Unit 408 asked if anyone had entertained changing the color of the walkways. Ray responded no. Ray thanked everyone and members of the Board for all of their help. He stated “you have a good Board for 2015 – it will be excellent”.

8. Ray adjourned the meeting at 7:53 P.M.

Owners in Attendance:       Board Members in Attendance:

Garry & Linda Fraise Unit 105 Jack Sich Unit 705

George Kempton Unit 111 Nick Pandolf Unit 3010B

Marcia Kutash Unit 402 James Chamness Unit 110

Kerry & Jim Diliberto Unit 208 Sue Schafer Unit 710

Bob Tague Unit 403 Bill Kutash Unit 402

Ann Lysaght Unit 210

Joan Hale Unit 301 

Jeanne Glynn Unit 307

Marilyn Tague Unit 403

Steve Russo Unit 408

Donn & Jeanne Weaver Unit 410

Barbara Welken Unit 412

EmmaLee Crannell Unit 508/612

Bill Magill Unit 510

Brian & Colleen Brooks Unit 608

Midge Leca Unit 706

Michael Schlegel Unit 711

Donna Pandolf Unit TH 3010B

Sally Wilkinson Unit TH 3030A