Windward East Condos

3060 N Atlantic Ave. #1000
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

                Frequency Asked Questions

 We would like to thank you again for all of your support and patience during our large concrete restoration project. We have received several questions regarding the two letters that recently went out so we would like to pass along some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What stack and/or building am I in?  Your stack number is the last one or two numbers of your unit number. For example, unit 106 is in the 6 stack and unit 111 is in the 11 stack. Units ending in 1-7 are in Building A and units ending in 8-12 are in Building B.

When will the construction start in my stack? The contractor has provided a tentative schedule. They will start in stacks 11 and 12 and work their way around the building to the 1 stack. They will work on two stacks at a time and each set is anticipated to take 6-8 weeks. These timeframes are subject to change. As the concrete restoration progresses, we will get a better handle on the schedule and we will keep everyone as informed as possible.

Why didn’t we receive more notice about this project? This project has been discussed at length at each board meeting since the annual meeting. The meeting minutes are all posted and available for your review if you are unable to attend the meetings in person. Also, we originally were not able to get on the contractor’s schedule until the end of this year/beginning of next year. The contractor had an opening in September and due many factors the Board felt it was in our best interest to start sooner. We were not informed of the schedule change until late August and sent notice out as quickly as possible after signing contracts and obtaining permits.

Do I need to remove my shutters? We do not know which units need to remove their shutters at this time. The contractor will determine that during their evaluation and we will notify you as soon as we know. If you have accordion shutters, you will likely have to remove your shutters and you should start planning accordingly. Other shutter types won’t likely be impacted unless work must be done behind them.

Who should I contact to remove my shutters? There are several local shutter companies that you can call. Barb will be sending out a list of these companies soon.  

Do I need to remove my tile floors? If the contractor has repair work beneath your tile, your tile will be removed by the contractor and will not be replaced. Tile floors are no longer permitted on balcony floors per WWE Rules and Regulations. Nonetheless, the contractor will have to at least remove some tile around the railings so they can install the new railings.

Can I use my balcony during the construction? Your balcony will only be restricted when the contractors are working on your stack.

I have renters or guests in my unit on X date. Can I use my balcony then? The start date of the project is firm but the rest of the schedule is tentative at this point. It will depend on how much work the contractor/engineer uncovers as the project progresses as well as the weather. We are unable to provide firm dates at this point. Please figure 6-8 weeks for each set of stacks as a guide. We will send updates as the concrete restoration progresses and we receive more information.

Why should I replace my older sliding glass doors? Replacement of the sliders will not only help maintain the structural integrity and the value of our buildings, it will also benefit you in several ways. It will increase the value of your unit, be quieter, more energy efficient, it will protect your investment, and it can also result in lower insurance costs.

Why is it particularly important for owners on the 7th floor to replace their sliders? The water intrusion into the 6th floor is becoming increasingly obvious. The shorter overhang on the 7th floor makes those units and the ones on the 6th floor more susceptible to water intrusion and damage.

My doors are older but I don’t think they are causing leaks. Should I replace them? We understand that this can be a large expense and you may think the doors are perfectly fine, but the fact is they are approaching the end of their service life. Whether they are corroded, the inert gas has leaked out between the glasses, the track is worn out or there are voids or leaks under the threshold, they will need replacement in the near future. We just proved this by stopping water intrusion into one of the 6th floor units by replacing the sliders in the unit above.

I am in one of the first stacks being worked on. Shouldn’t I replace my doors before the construction starts?  No. The doors can be installed at any time during the construction process. The lead time on doors is approximately 4 weeks so those in the first two stacks will likely have their doors installed after work is done on their balconies.  

When do I need furniture/everything from the balcony? You will need to remove your furniture and belongings prior to the start of construction on your stack.  Please plan accordingly.



Posted:  Sept 29th.  1100hrs